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If you visit a casino with TWINT, you’ll have a modern and flexible payment option at your disposal. It allows you to transfer money online on a daily basis, quickly and securely. You don’t need to use a credit card or enter complicated bank details to transfer money. TWINT is mostly available at serious online casinos, so we took a closer look at the Swiss payment system.

Any cashless payment option is inherently especially popular at online casinos. The TWINT application gives you the opportunity to make the transfer easily – it enables payment directly. In our Vigiswiss test, we take a closer look at the service, present the advantages and disadvantages and explain how it works. We compare the provider to other payment methods such as Apple Pay and reveal how safe it is and how you can take advantage of the casino bonus.

Best online casino with TWINT payment 2023

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Key information about TWINT

TWINT is a payment service provider with which you can make payments in Swiss online casinos. The special feature of this payment method is that you make payments entirely online. You can choose from a variety of apps that are tailored to the individual partner banks, such as Credit Suisse, for downloading. This way, every user gets the app directly – an app that fits their needs.

TWINT was founded in 2014 and is therefore a fairly young payment service provider. Originally, TWINT was the subsidiary of PostFinance AG, from which it became an independent company. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular payment methods in the industry. Its most serious competitor was the payment method Paymit.

Once disputes were settled, the two companies merged in 2016 to form TWINT AG. That same year, the Competition Commission approved the merger. The merger resulted in the consolidation of customer accounts into a single provider. Finally, in 2019, TWINT joined the European Mobile Payment Systems Association (EMPSA).

So far, the service provider is only available in Switzerland. But an expansion to the international market is planned for the next few years. TWINT is currently one of the most popular payment methods in Switzerland, which is probably due to the application tailored to the partner bank and the quick download to the smartphone.

Online Casino Switzerland TWINT – Advantages and Disadvantages

TWINT is a popular payment method in Switzerland that allows users to make quick and secure deposits at TWINT online casinos. TWINT allows users to make payments using their cell phone and benefit from SSL encryption. But like any payment method, TWINT has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Quick and easy payments of desired amount
  • High security with SSL encryption
  • No bank or credit card information required
  • Support for multiple currencies including CHF, EUR and SEK
  • May not be supported by all casinos online
  • Restrictions on withdrawals
  • Possible additional fees for certain transactions

Twint in Swiss online casinos

Paying real money at the casino with TWINT is a fast and convenient operation. We have found that deposits and withdrawals are processed in seconds, so a live casino avoids long waits. The app is downloaded and installed in a few clicks on your smartphone.

The biggest advantage we’ve seen is that real money deposits and withdrawals are still free. However, there is a minimum amount of CHF 1 for payments. The support of most banks like Credit Suisse by the app has a positive effect on the evaluation. For each linked bank account, there is a special app to download, which you can then link together.

With TWINT, you as a player have a personal account protected by a six-digit PIN code. The interface of the application in the casinos is clearly designed and easy to use. By clicking on the “Movements” button, you can see all the deposits and withdrawals you have made from the application. The QR code scanning process is simple and easy – all you need is a QR code scanner. If you want to check your gambling behavior, you can do so by clicking on this button and find out how much you have spent as a player.

Furthermore, we talk about how TWINT works and explain everything you need to know about using this payment method.

Step by step instructions to pay online casinos with TWINT

Paying at the casino with TWINT is the easiest thing in the world. Almost every casino in Switzerland offers this payment service. The freshly installed TWINT app on the smartphone offers payments for restaurants, online stores and the live casino among others. To make sure that you can use the app, it is best to check beforehand whether payment with TWINT is possible in the online casino, so you can effortlessly transfer money to and from your linked bank account.

Payment processing is currently only available for Swiss players. Austrian and German players should look for an alternative payment system. If you are one of the lucky casino players who can make deposits with TWINT, check out how the payment processing works.

Install the application

Download the TWINT app to your smartphone or tablet.


Register with a serious online casino found in our list.

Choose a payment service provider

Reload credits in the cashier area of the online casino and select TWINT as your preferred payment method.


After selecting the desired amount you wish to deposit, above the min deposit required threshold, a QR code will appear on the screen. Scan this QR code with your smartphone’s QR code reader.

Confirmation of the transfer

Once you’ve scanned the QR code, finish the procedure by clicking the button to complete the deposit.

Receive a bonus

If you make your first deposit at the online casino, you will receive a welcome bonus. You can then start playing the games.

Minimum and maximum deposits with TWINT

If you decide to deposit with TWINT, you should be aware of the maximum and minimum deposit thresholds. The minimum deposit varies by casino, but it’s generally between 10 and 20 CHF. Maximum deposits also vary, but can sometimes be as high as 5000 CHF. It is important to keep these restrictions in mind, as exceeding them can lead to problems with the transaction. It is also important to note that TWINT does not offer a withdrawal option, so winnings must be transferred to another account. Before choosing TWINT as a payment method, it is advisable to find out about the rules and restrictions of the casino in question.

The TWINT provider does not charge any additional fees for its payment systems in an online casino. This applies especially to the area of player account payment, which remains free for all Swiss players. During our test, we were able to see that transactions with this provider are generally free. Even user-to-user transfers are free. However, casinos online may require some for payment, which most do not.

What you need to take into account, however, are the deposit and withdrawal limits. According to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), there are limits that must be respected. For example, a TWINT prepaid app option account may not have more than CHF 5,000. In total, no more than CHF 10,000 may be received per month and per day, the limit is CHF 1,500. We recommend that you ask your bank about the payment limits, as they may differ.

In addition, it is important to know that real money credits have a different duration than the payout. Usually it takes 1-2 business days for the money to be in your bank account directly. Often customers forget that Saturday and Sunday are not business days. The reason for this long waiting time is that the support needs to verify the withdrawals first in order to avoid any errors during the payment.

Withdrawals when using online casino TWINT

With TWINT, there are limits for the amount available on the TWINT Prepaid Account and for withdrawals from a bank account. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) sets an upper limit of CHF 5,000 for the amount available on the TWINT Prepaid Account. Recharges or incoming payments that exceed this limit are not possible and will be cancelled. The limit is CHF 5,000 per calendar year for credits from the TWINT Prepaid Account to a bank account.

It is important to note that these regulations must be adhered to in order to ensure the proper functioning of TWINT. In addition, it should be noted that withdrawals from a TWINT account to a bank account and many other online transactions are possible, but withdrawals from a casino are not in most cases. There are of course exceptions and you should check with your Swiss online casino first.

Test criteria for online casinos with TWINT

Before deciding on an online casino in Switzerland, it is important to carefully compare the different offers and their conditions. In particular, there are a few important criteria to consider when choosing banking methods. In addition, we will take a look at the criteria for testing online casinos that accept TWINT payments for Swiss players.

Security and licensing

At a TWINT casino, security and data protection are priorities. There are many scammers out there on the Internet, which is why a good level of security is so important at any online casino that accept TWINT. Fortunately, payments at the best TWINT casinos are safe. Payments are encrypted and personal data is handled responsibly. As a player, you will find TWINT to be a reliable provider and will be able to pay at the casino with TWINT without any worries.

In Switzerland, the Federal Gaming Board (FGB) is responsible for Swiss online casinos. They control the quality of live casinos and issue licenses. If a TWINT casino does not meet these criteria, it will not receive a live casino license. The FCMJ bases its decision on the Gaming Act, which defines the framework conditions for the online gambling industry. This includes high-level security in terms of payment transactions, which TWINT meets as a provider.

Other quality criteria for a live TWINT casino are protection against gambling addiction and the creation of a list of illegal casinos. With regard to gambling addiction, the emphasis is on the fact that the Swiss players concerned can block themselves. This prevents them from creating new accounts and leaving existing accounts blocked for them to take a break from gambling. All Swiss online casinos that do not have a license for a live casino are listed in a blacklist. Everyone can consult it on the website of the CFMJ.

Security of user data during transactions

One of the most important requirements for a live online casino is the security of user data, especially during payment. Especially during financial transactions, customer data must be secure and protected at the best TWINT casinos in order to prevent misuse and to guarantee the privacy of users. A TWINT casino should therefore use a secure and protected connection in order to encrypt and protect data transmission. It should also take appropriate measures to protect payment data from unauthorized access and abuse, such as using firewalls and encrypting sensitive information.

Speed of deposits and withdrawals

Another important criterion when choosing a casino with TWINT is the deposit and withdrawal speed when banking with the casino. Users expect their payments to be fast and smooth, and a TWINT casino that has slow transactions can lead to frustrated and unhappy users. An online casino using TWINT must therefore ensure that transactions are processed quickly and efficiently in order to guarantee TWINT casino user satisfaction.

Customer service work

Another important criterion when choosing an online casino with Twint is the customer service. Users may have questions or problems that need to be resolved quickly, and a Twint casino that has poor customer service can lead to users becoming frustrated and unhappy with the operator. An online casino with Twint should therefore provide excellent customer service, available 24 hours a day and able to respond quickly to requests. It should also offer different contact methods, such as email, phone and live chat, to ensure user convenience.

Online casino bonus offers with TWINT

You might be wondering what the advantages of paying with TWINT are, at an online casino accepting TWINT. The answer is that it depends on the conditions, the bonuses offered by the online casino in question. In principle, you can assume that if you register for a player account at (Swiss) TWINT casinos for the first time, you will receive a welcome bonus.

Paying with TWINT at an online casino gives you the chance to participate in great actions and games. There are no specific TWINT casino bonuses that are only available at online casinos that use TWINT. However, if you make a deposit with TWINT at the best TWINT casinos, you can count on all the bonuses offered by the Swiss online casinos accepting TWINT, as well as bonuses offered by other payment methods, such as Apple Pay.

In doing so, you receive other bonus distributions while playing that are credited to your player account or balance. In most cases, these are free spins or bonuses that are added to other payouts in the casino player account. The conditions vary by bonus and by Swiss online casino. Here is a comparison of some of the most popular bonuses:

Free spins: These are free spins, also known as free spins on slot machines. In many cases, the casino bonus is awarded together with the welcome bonus. But you also get it when you play a slot machine. If you win 10 free spins, it allows you to spin the slot machine 10 times for free. In general, the payout rates of the spins are high.

No Deposit Bonus: This bonus is similar to the Welcome Bonus, except that you do not have to make a deposit. That’s what the English term translated into French means – no deposit bonus. Since you don’t have to fulfill any requirements to receive this bonus, its percentage is low.

VIP Club & High Roller Bonus: This bonus is reserved for loyal players and is determined by a point system. The more you play and the more you bet, the more points you receive. With each point you earn, you move up a level and receive your bonuses with high percentages. In addition, you will receive invitations to events and luxury gifts.

A wide range of games at modern online gambling

Anyone who wants to play one of the games at a Swiss online casino, such as a live casino, does not always have to start by paying money to play. Many games, especially slot machines, offer a demo version to play. This way, you can only make a deposit when you are ready to play with real money. With TWINT, you have a partner that allows you to make a deposit for the wide range of casino games at the best TWINT casinos. The following list shows which casino games are included in the game offer.

  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Slot Machines
  • Roulette
  • Pai Gow
  • Casino Poker
  • Keno
  • Scratch Cards

Using TWINT in online casinos from your cell phone

It is possible to use the TWINT payment method on a cell phone. TWINT has a special app for iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. The app makes it easy to make transactions via cell phone, including deposits at online casinos. There is also a web version of the TWINT website, which can be accessed via the cell phone’s browser and offers similar functionality to the app. This makes it possible to play at the best TWINT casinos and do casino banking on the go.

The best alternative payment methods to Twint in online casinos

In the payment services industry, competition is fierce. The various providers of a payment method try to outdo each other with their offers. At the same time, the fact that a casino in Switzerland offers different payment methods is a good feature. The reasons for choosing a payment service can be very diverse. It could be to change the currency, the quality of customer service or the speed of the transfers.

It quickly becomes apparent that there are no service providers that can do everything. Even TWINT has a few drawbacks, such as the fact that it only exists for the Swiss market. Unfortunately, payments with TWINT are not anonymous like they are with a crypto-currency. So take a look at the alternatives, in some ways they may be even better than TWINT online casino payments.

Payment methods TypeProcessing timeFeesLimits for Deposit
VisaCredit cardup to 7 daysno15 – 2000 Euro/CHF
MastercardCredit cardup to 7 daysno15 – 2000 Euro/CHF
Jeton E-Wallet12-24hno2 – 10.000 Euro/CHF
EcoPayzE-Wallet12-24hno2 – 10.000 Euro/CHF
BitcoinCryptocurrency24hno75 – 10.000 Euro/CHF
EthereumCryptocurrency24hno75 – 10.000 Euro/CHF
PaysafecardPrepaid app and cardinstant, no payout optionno2 – 10.000 Euro/CHF

General information about TWINT

Twint is a mobile payment method that was developed in Switzerland. It is presented as a simple and secure way to send and receive money online. Nowadays, there is a smooth collaboration between TWINT and its former competitor Paymit. This section provides basic information about TWINT and TWINT casinos, such as how it works, its availability and costs.

TWINT basic information table:

Сompany nameTWINT AG
iIndustryFinancial Services
RegulationSwiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)
Stock MarketPublic company
Supported CurrenciesCHF
Fees for Buyerlittle or no fees
Fees for Sellerlittle or no fees
Customer ServicePhone, email, live-chat
Twint Helpavailable for users and corporate partners


There are certainly a variety of reasons why a player chooses a payment option like TWINT. Security, operation and the extent to which you can use the account are among them. While TWINT may not shine on all counts, it is still a widely used payment service in Switzerland. This is also reflected in the competition. The advantage lies in the fast payment processing, which goes back to the company’s history. The former parent company PostFinance AG still supports it and is responsible for the fast processing. So, if you like a young company with strong coverage and a mobile payment system, TWINT may be the right choice for you. Try it out and see how easy it is to pay for orders in an online store using this payment option.

❓FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 📌 Is it legal to gamble in online casinos in Switzerland?

    Since January 1, 2019, the new gambling law has been in effect in Switzerland. This law allows gambling houses to offer casino games that were previously prohibited. Access to casinos is limited to the minimum age of 18 and to Swiss citizens.

  2. 📌 How do I use TWINT from my cell phone?

    To do so, visit and select TWINT app as the download option. After creating an account in the app, connect TWINT to your bank account or register a credit card – you can then load credit. You can now use TWINT as a payment method at TWINT casinos and start playing the best casino games.

  3. 📌 What is the best online casino with Twint?

    It’s hard to say which online casino is best for Twint users, as there are many factors to consider. However, we are constantly updating the reviews of online casinos in Switzerland and adding new offers to ensure that our table is up to date. Each user can choose any online casino from the table and be sure that it is worth their attention.

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