The Top 10 Largest Casino in Europe

The Top 10 Largest Casino in Europe

As a friend of high-caliber gambling, you have surely wondered who gets to put on the crown as the biggest casino in Europe. Well, that title goes to Monaco. But we’ve also taken a look at the other major players on the continent. So, as a gambling fan, you have a nice list to work off by coach or otherwise. See the top 10 biggest casinos with descriptions here.

#1 Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco

The casino is located in the Monte-Carlo district of the dwarf state of Monaco. It is probably the largest in all of Europe and one with almost the longest tradition. In order to generate revenue for the state treasury, the prince of the time designed this luxury casino. It opened its doors to the public in 1856, at a time when Las Vegas could not even be imagined to exist. Due to its beautiful architecture and the affluent audience, it offers an exclusive atmosphere with absolutely unique gaming experience. Not for nothing it serves again and again as a backdrop for top movies. James Bond has already been present in several flicks. In “Casino Royale”, “Never say never” and “Golden Eye” there are scenes filmed in the casino. Inside there are restaurants and a huge selection of classic and modern casino games.

#2 Casino Estoril – Portugal

Lisbon is the legendary capital of Portugal. There you can find the Casino Estoril. It was founded in 1931 and has always offered the classics such as roulette, blackjack, etc. Also in the Casino Estoril already James Bond in “In the secret service of her majesty” lodged. Lisbon was once the capital of a worldwide colonial power and offers a unique historical atmosphere. The Casino Estoril is located in the so-called Kurpark area. In a noble building in the modern style, which was considered in the 30-ies as hip. All the more an architectural feast for the eyes today. Top-class restaurants and a huge offer of slot machines, poker, roulette and many other games, make the Casino Estoril not only one of the largest, but also most beautiful casinos in Europe. Today it belongs to the group of companies owned by the legendary Stanley Ho, together with Casino Lisboa in Macau.

#3 Casino Resort City of Dreams – Cyprus

Brand new on the list for Europe and then already high up, is the City of Dreams in Cyprus. This is a new casino resort construction project that has become part of a new hotel. Under the name of City of Dreams Mediterranean, a large-scale project was raised here, which also offers accommodation and entertainment of all kinds. This includes gastronomy, amusement parks and much more. Of course, there are also slot machines, roulette and poker tournaments in abundance here. This casino is primarily intended for those who want to spend a relaxing vacation with all imaginable facets.

#4 Casino Lisboa – Portugal

Quite unlike Estoril, Casino Lisboa is a top modern affair. It is one of the largest casinos in Europe and is located in the middle of an almost futuristic glass palace. Columns of slot machines line up one after the other. There are also roulette, blackjack, poker tables and even tournaments to choose from. There are always entertaining shows and events in the restaurants. Not to be confused with the Casino Lisboa in Macau.

#5 Regency Casino – Greece

Thessaloniki, this legendary mid-sea port city, is home to the Regency Casino. Not far from the airport, this high-profile property was designed for an international audience. Rumor has it that numerous oligarchs from Eastern Europe make up a not insignificant portion of the clientele.

Luxury is written very large here. A 5-star hotel and top restaurants surround the casino. Numerous shows are on the program for entertainment. Hundreds of slot machines are available. The classic table games are also on the list.

#6 Casino Perla – Slovenia

Perla Casino was built by HiT Group, which sees itself as a Universe of Fun. This casino was built in combination with a large 4-star hotel with 250 rooms. It is located in the town of Nova Gorica, right on the border with Italy. Almost 1,000 machines comprise the game selection. Of these, about 100 are set up in the sensational open-air area. In addition, 99 gaming tables are available.

#7 Casino di Venezia – Italy

Venice, canals and gondolas. In the middle of the water, in a magnificent palazzo, stands the oldest casino in the world. Pomp and pageantry, as if from the time of princes and kings. In 1638, a casino was established here to bring revenue to the city. During this long time there were robberies and other disasters. Today this pearl is threatened by rising waters. Inside there is a majestic picture. It is certainly not cheap there. The game selection includes slot machines and table games in rough quantities.

#8 Casino Hohensyburg – Germany

In the 1980-ies, the largest casino in Germany was built in the otherwise unspectacular city of Dortmund. It takes its name from the district in which it stands. It belongs to the Merkur Spielbanken NRW group, which operates several other houses. There is a wide range of slot machines and table games. Cultural events take place from time to time. In addition, there are two eateries in the building and the FOX discotheque.

#9 Casino Vienna – Austria

In a beautiful downtown location is the classic Casino Wien in the Palais Esterházy. One of the finest addresses in the city. Important: There is a dress code, where especially a lot of skin is not welcome – for all genders. It is furnished in a classic, historical style. There are countless tables and about 200 slot machines. A great casino with a unique atmosphere in one of the most beautiful cities on the continent.

#10 King’s Casino – Czech Republic

In the middle of the province, investors built King’s Casino in Rozvadov, right on the German border. The intention is quite clear. One speculates on gambler from the Federal Republic as guests. There are no dress codes. The concept apparently works well. Gamblers can let off steam on an area of 4,000 square meters. Especially at the 160 poker tables – there are hardly more in any other country. The complex includes a hotel with about 400 rooms. There are wellness areas and leisure facilities.

Largest casino in Europe – determining the ranking

A small hint for the compilation of the ranking. For us, it was the area in square meters that made the difference.


Casinos have a long tradition in Europe. Mostly they were built by rulers, because they were considered a safe source of income. Today they attract mainly tourists, with them really good money is earned. It is not necessary to be the largest casino in Europe, but a good ambience and a wisely chosen location help a lot with success.


Apparently, there are players whose goal is to pay a visit to the largest casinos on all continents. They asked the following questions about the most important establishments in Europe:

  1. 📌 What is the biggest casino in the world?

    In this question, it depends a little on the definition. Size according to what? Turnover, area, visitors? In terms of floor space, the Venetian in Macao is definitely number 1. In the Asian gambling metropolis, it offers its guests plenty of entertainment and gaming fun on 50,700 square meters.

  2. 📌 Where is the biggest casino in Switzerland?

    In Switzerland, Casino Zurich is the top dog. On 3,000 square meters, there are over 300 slot machines and 22 tables. This does not put them in the top 10 of Europe. But in Switzerland, they are not outdone by anyone else.

  3. 📌 Where is the biggest casino in Germany?

    In the Ruhr area, in the soccer mecca of Dortmund, the eponymous casino is located in the Hohensyburg district. With 15,000 square meters, this casino is the largest in all of Germany.

  4. 📌 Who owns the biggest casino in Europe and what are its notable features?

    The biggest casino in Europe is owned by SBM – société des Bains de Mer, a public company that promotes tourism in Monaco. The Monegasque state holds approximately 69% of its shares, with an investment company from Qatar owning another 6.4%.

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