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There are numerous online casino platforms in Switzerland. It is very difficult to find the best ones. We have agreed to provide players with the latest and greatest information about the biggest Swiss casinos through our Vigiswiss website, and we strive to bring it to you.

Our mission is to make the online gaming experience you want to experience safe and secure while having fun playing. Our goal is to provide access to information that will help every player play safely. We aim to create a multilingual betting site that provides a comprehensive and superior gaming experience for our customers around the world with our state-of-the-art security hardware and expert staff.

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In addition to promoting responsible gambling, Vigiswiss is committed to raising awareness and developing prevention, intervention and improvement of gambling problems. The Vigiswiss Responsible Gambling Policy commits to minimizing the negative impact of gambling and promoting responsible gambling. As we are fully aware of the social and financial harm to our customers related to problem gambling, we believe it is our responsibility to provide casinos where they can enjoy their betting experience on our website. To help our customers gamble responsibly, we ensure that all our employees receive responsible gambling awareness training.

Our values

  • Benutzersicherheit steht an erster Stelle
    When it comes to online casino security, the first thing to consider is the license. In order for online casinos to serve their users on the Internet platform, they must have a license of a certain country and be verified by the relevant institutions of the country where they are licensed. For this reason, only trustworthy casinos are presented on our website.
    Casinos should offer a variety of withdrawal options. Withdrawals are not only more convenient, but also much faster than deposits. they allow them to not feel pressured to decide how to use their money in a certain time frame.
  • Our ratings are independent
    In conducting our investigations, we act completely independently and provide you with the most accurate information. Taking sides here is contrary to both our vision and our mission, and none of our experts allow such behavior.
  • We only provide verified information
    Online casino sites, where millions of people deposit thousands of francs every day, have literally entered our lives. If you are in a licensed online casino, you don’t have to worry about security and correct information here. The information we provide is also absolutely correct, as the casinos we offer are fully licensed.
  • We personally review all online casino offers
    Such sites work with security companies that use the latest technology to combat identity theft attempts by third parties. A possible such attempt will get caught in the software and barriers of these security companies. Such secure casinos always have very nice offers to offer. Our bizzar team will take a close look at them and present them to you as soon as possible.

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